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Artracks Recording Studios, formerly known as Tracks, opened their doors to recording artists in 1985.

Created and run by passionate sound engineers and avid music lovers, the studios offer a wide range of services including music production and arrangement, recording, editing, mixing and mastering for CD and vinyl, plus professional voice-over, film and theatre scoring, sound design and restoration.


Our goal is to assist fellow musicians and bands (regardless of music genre and budget) in getting their inspiration on tape by providing the ideal combination of acoustics, gear, advice and sound expertise.


We maintain a huge database of native voice-over talents from Greece and all over the world, world-class gear and many years of experience in voice recording, editing and mixing, always trying to meet with the Industry’s highest standards and deadlines.

We are located in Athens, Greece at Neo Psychiko (23 Garefi str.). Our 200 sq. meters ground floor premises are just two blocks away from Kifisias / Katehaki junction and a short walk (10 mins) from Katehaki or Panormou metro stations (Metro blue line).