Voice-over recording, editing, mixing and sound design may feel like an easy task to an outsider, compared to music recording and production. The truth is that these services require superb skills, extreme attention to detail, experience and – last but not least – world-class gear, for one to achieve the high level results and meet the deadlines that the Industry demands.

For the last 15 years we have worked with hundreds of voice-over artists from all over the world in the production of radio spots, TV ads, film and theatre audio, VOIP Menus, museum audio guides, toys and family games with audio, video games, flash games, audio books, language learning CDs, CD ROMs and corporate videos.

We are proud to have a worldwide clientele including companies such as: Microsoft (US), Cisco Systems (US), Samsung (South Korea), Google (US), Fujitsu (GR), Kraft Foods (US), Pfizer International (US), ZTE (CN / GR), Ralph Lauren (US), Bosch (GER / GR), BBC Radio (UK), MGM Entertainment (GR), Diaframma (IT), Valagro (IT), Mapei (IT), Piaggio (IT), J & P – Avax (GR), Theasis (GR), Hillside Press (GR), Macmillan (GR), Zanzoon (FR), Playful (GR), Mega Development Company Limited (Hong Kong), Intertranslations LTD (GR), Mango Languages (US), Update Plus (GR), Epsilon Publications (GR), SIEM (GR), UON LTD (GR), Motorpress SA (GR), The Production House (SP), Orco SA (GR), Anosi SA (GR), Mediatel (GR) and many more.

We provide a wide range of professional native greek voice-over artists of all ages and budgets and also maintain a huge database with voice talents from almost every other country in the world. We associate with the best freelance artists, studios and agencies abroad, to cover voice-over requests for almost every spoken language in the globe.